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Renee was very helpful and honest about every house that we saw. After we saw a couple houses, she knew exactly what we wanted. As first time home buyers, it was very helpful to have her point out pros and cons of every house. She always had our best interest in mind!


Dianne is the best realtor in all of Central Florida. She went above and beyond for us and worked non stop to help us find our new home. She also did an amazing job selling our first home and made the process much less stressful. She is very positive and reassuring and we wouldn't have been able to get this home without her. In today's market you need Dianne Blue to help you! Thank you Dianne!

Britni & Giann

Marion is an amazing realtor. Knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy, she was able to make the task of selling our home easy. With her low-stress approach, she made the transaction seamless and go off without a hitch. We will always turn to her with our home buying/selling needs. Thanks Marion!


Dianne was great! Very knowledgeable about The buying and selling process. She was quick to send me forms that needed to be signed and copies. She was very patient with me taking me all over the city of Orlando and beyond and with a great attitude. Loved my experience with her.


As a first time home buyer, Renee was able to walk us through the entire process. She explained each step from putting in an offer to signing at the closing and answering any questions we had. She understood our wish list and was patient with us as we looked at homes. Once we placed an offer, she diligently work with the seller's agent to ensure we closed on schedule.


I've worked with Marion several times before. I bought a house while I was overseas and she did and excellent job finding me a beautiful home perfect for my son close to college at that time, guided me through the process with confidence and professionalism and I can’t thank her enough for making every experience a beautiful one. Marion will go far beyond your expectation such a wonderful spirit with skills, expertise, and with so many years of experience in hand.


We decided to move from out of state, which makes finding the perfect house a serious challenge. Renee did a FANTASTIC job helping us search properties for our quick weekend trip to Oviedo, including visiting houses and FaceTime-ing us with video so we could make decisions. When we had a multiple offer situation to get the property we wanted, she gave great advice and was a skilled mediator for us. Then, once we got to contract, the fun began! There were issues that the inspector found, as well as an open permit (from 1997!) on the house. Fortunately, Renee was leading our team! She masterfully negotiated with the seller to get us to closing on time with the compensation/fixes we needed. Every step of the way we hit snags, and every step of the way Renee with with us to find a way to solve the problems. We'd never have gotten our wonderful house without her. So grateful!

Debbie & Mark

I initially worked with Marion on the purchase of my house 6 years ago. Once it came time to sell the house, I contacted her again as my experience with the purchase was absolutely excellent as a buyer. Since the first moment of contacting her, she was again always well prepared, available 24/7 for all and any questions, and able to guide me through the entire process with any help needed along the way. With the home sale, Marion imparted advice and insight from her years of experience that put us in the best position to sell our home at well above asking price in this market. I can emphatically say that Marion is a world class real estate agent that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for someone truly trustworthy, friendly, experienced and knowledgeable. She is an expert in her field who loves her job, and it really shows.



Dianne is a very conscientious, hard working and delightful professional who shows a lot of interest in her work. From the day I met her till she sold my home, I was very impressed with her attitude towards me. I have had to call her many times for advice and also to complain about things which I wasn't sure about. She never hesitated to help me along the process and was never disrespectful at any time. She approached all my concerns with great professionalism and made my journey through the sale less stressful and a success. I definitely recommend Dianne to anyone seeking a very caring and professional realtor. She happens to be one of the best. Thanks again,



Marion was an excellent partner in my purchase process. She
offered knowledge and advice without pushing . She
communicated thoroughly during the process, gave us options
and made herself available late at night and any time during
weekends. Marion made our purchase smooth and negotiated
very good terms for us. Her market expertise and
responsiveness makes her one of kind.



It was a true pleasure working with Dianne Blue, she is professional, friendly and goes the extra mile it you need her or have any concerns. My husband and I would highly recommend Dianne to anyone. Dianne is the best. Don’t hesitate to use her I promise you will be more than happy with her.


Renee is knowledgeable, professional, helpful, experienced, thoughtful, honest, and trustworthy. I wouldn't work with any other Realtor in Central Florida. She has handled multiple sales and purchases for me, and she is 100% reliable. I highly recommend Renee! I worked with Renee in 2012 and 2017. I have known Renee for many years, and she lives her life with integrity!


Renee’s ability to make the entire pre-contract to sale process smooth and low stress was really important to us!  She really walked us through all our initial questions, then the subsequent ones, then the process when we received offers until the contract was in place and closing was complete.  We were so pleased and grateful for her professional capabilities and friendly service!

Jeff & Denise

If you’re looking for a realtor that really wants to help you find your dream home then look no further! Dianne is extremely attentive and professional yet also has your wants and needs in mind throughout the entire process. Wonderful person and I will definitely go through her for any of my home purchasing needs!

Katie & Kevin

Marion is wonderful, it was a pleasure working with her! She made our first-time home buying process go smoothly. We couldn't be happier with her. She is diligent, professional and hardworking. She answered all of our questions and explained everything beautifully. She is honest, forthright and doesn't play games. We are pleased to have had her as our Buyer's agent. We recommend her to my friends and family, you will not be disappointed.  



My husband and I have worked with Renee for multiple listings (purchasing our first home, selling our first home and starting the process of building our 2nd home) She has always been such a pleasure to work with, her knowledge  and time management has been excellent!! She is HIGHLY recommended.


As an out of state seller of a home that was sold from an Estate
under a very complex situation, I was lucky to work with Marion.
She helped me clean up, update and repair the house as I was
in another state.
Always on top of or ahead of the issues  
Best realtor I have worked with.



I highly recommend Dianne if your seeking the Ultimate Realtor! I was provided numerous home listings daily that met the criteria I was looking for. She was always ready to show me homes 24/7 at a moments notice. She always had an itinerary planned out for optimum efficiency showing great respect for my personal time. I was never shocked by any unforeseen surprises due to her expert research on every home. She emailed all disclosures and potential issues to me, making sure I was well informed. Her Negotiating skills assured the seller I was the best candidate to purchase their property. If your looking for a skilled professional who will go above and beyond, who takes your home buying quest as her personal mission and guarantees top notch results- this is your realtor. Couldn't be happier in my Beautiful, New home!!


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